We're here for you and your child at Home Sweet Home Child Care/Pre-School!

In our work, we put great focus on the welfare and education of your child. In order to properly encourage your child's personal and academic development, our professional educators follow a unique pedagogic approach. This approach combines academic excellence with a free-spirited and playful atmosphere for learning.


We are proud of our teacher's commitments to early childhood education and most importantly to your child's education.


Our teachers regularly participate in educational seminars and always bring new ideas to their daily tasks. These ideas are passed on to your child through our carefully planned, weekly themed activities, and curriculum.

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Zeb Alam






24 years



My mission is to help my students realize that through learning, they can enhance their life in a positive way. I want to help all my students believe in themselves, and through that belief take on the challenges of life and go forward.


Our Teachers are trained and/or certified in the following areas:


*C.P.R. & First Aid                              

*Infant/Child Sign Language

*Child Growth & Development            

*Safety & Risk Management

*Early Childhood Brain Development  

*Postitive Guidance & Discipine

*Age Appropriate Curriculum               

*Cultural Diversity