At Home Sweet Home we believe each child is a unique individual with a lot of potenial and talent.  Children are naturally talented and eager to learn. Some children learn best through child-initiated teaching methods, while others learn better through teacher-initiated teaching methods. 


Most schools and day care centers teach one method or the other. Research has shown that children who are taught only child-initiated methods may not be as social or be able to work in group settings as well as children who are taught through teacher-initiated methods. 


At Home Sweet Home we teach both methods because we want to give your child the best head-start possible so your child can reach his/her full potential.


Our curriculum includes:

-High Reach Learning Curriculum 

-Montessori Methods

-Infant Sign Language

-Your Baby Can Read Program



We roll all of these into fun, exciting, monthly, themed units so your child's learning takes place as the child explores and manipulates real objects and events.