Infant/Toddler Curriculum (newborn-23 months old) 

Infants and Toddlers learn through exploring their five senses- hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and touching. They learn by exploring their surroundings and environment which is why at Home Sweet Home, your baby will only be in her crib while she is sleeping.  When your baby is awake she will be busy exploring and learning outside of her crib.


Basic brain research studies have shown that babies/children make deeper connections in comfortable, calming, home-like environments like ours.   


Our infant and toddler rooms are very large and colorful with a huge variety of toys and stimulating learning materials.


At Home Sweet Home your baby will develop and broaden his/her cognative abilities as well as develop fine and gross motor skills through activities such as:


-Infant sign language

-Your Baby Can Read Program

-Listening to classical music and lullabies

-Watching Baby Bach and Einstein Videos

-Storytime and picture books

-Visually stimulating pictures and flashcards

-Puppet theater 

-Circle time and games

-Music and dance

-Outdoor stroller rides AND MORE!




Infant Sign Language benefits and studies have shown:

*Babies are not as fussy and cry less

*Signing babies have larger vocabularies

*Signing babies use longer sentences

*Promotes strong interpersonal relationships

*Supports emotional develpments

*Encourages verbal expression

*Promotes intellectual and social development



Don't let your baby be left behind!  We welcome you to visit us and see for yourself. Enroll today to give your child the headstart he/she deserves.