Pre-School Curriculum (2-5 years old) 

We start preparing our children for school at a very early age. We are dedicated to teaching our children the skills necessary to excel, not only in kindergarten, but throughout their lives. Our goal at Home Sweet Home is for every child to be successful.


Children this age are learning to become independant thinkers and need to learn appropriate social skills with their peers and caregivers. We provide healthy and consistant boundaries on a continuous basis, and encourage logical thinking and help our children to learn to problem solve.


Our educational program is a 4 year program which starts at the age of 2 (when children are developing social skills), and continues through age 5 (when children go off to kindergarten).


We teach the following:

*Pledge of allegiance

*Days of the week

*Months of the year

*States and capitols


*Sign language


*Language development & communication skills: oral language & phonological awareness

*Science skills: hands on experiments & solar system

*Reading & writing readiness skills: recognizing letters, sight words, printing, Phonics, rhyming

*Concept development skills: classifying, arranging sizes, shapes, colors, sorting and matching

*Math readiness skills: numbers (1-100), counting, grouping, few/many

*Social skills: recognizing authority, manners, emotions, problem solving, respect, sharing and working in groups, following rules, completing tasks, listening, actions and consequences



We are confident through our excellent educational program that your child will be pepared to begin his/her journey into kindergarten and life.